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Stage 6 -  april 22th 2017

Stage 6 : 405 km


This may be the longest stage in terms of distance, it is not in terms of the time it will take you, thanks to a number of fast tracks.
We mainly head north, through a sandy oued, an oasis with palm trees and a series of fast pistes. Here too a military zone is being extended with the building of a wall to separate the civil and the military world. Jean-Claude has done his best to serve you an alternative with a nice, winding and sandy route.

After leaving the plain you pass a nice col. Erfoud way you cross a typical African piste with eroded tracks full of holes and pits, but luckily it changes into a long sandy oued after some kilometres. Once in the oued you don't need much navigation as it is easy to follow and much fun to drive in.
Through some fast tracks you head direction Boudnib with a second great oued just before the town. It's very nice but you have to be careful because in the middle of the oued they have digged a huge pit to excavate sand. Don't get trapped….

A little later you run into CP1. It's a nice first part of the stage without much stones, many parallel tracks and fun to drive.
From around km 150, 155 you enter a wide piste that isn't used anymore. Due to lack of maintenance and by erosion a number of deep holes and dangerous ditches have occurred and you really need to pay attention to the roadbook and even more to the road itself.

At one point we have even barricaded the road. Leave to the left to get back on track a kilometre later.
After crossing the tarmac a new series of tracks begins, with a few nasty and treacherous step downs, that are well recorded in the roadbook with 1, 2 or 3 exclamation marks. Better slow down once too often instead of once less.

At km 120 you'll meet our excellent catering service for your lunch break. From here it's 30 kms of tarmac with a maximum speed of 90.
The second part of the stage is a real joy and much fun. The first 100 kms are flat and fast on WRC style tracks. The next 40 kms the average speed goes down dramatically. The tracks are still very nice but you will run into a few obstacles that force you to slow down.

The next 25 kms are not so nice as they contain a real stony piste on the Rekkam plain. The final 15 kms make up for that misery: full throttle to the bivouac.


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