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What a day for the bikers! The race took a dramatic turn when leader Kim De Rycker and number 3, Rob Smits, crashed and abandoned the race. Given the stomach problems main rival Harite Gabari is dealing with, Portugese Honda-driver Pedro Bianchi Prata is likely to bring home the GC.

Kim de Rycker (103): "One bump too many"

In a man-to-man battle between the top 4 in the bike categorie, Kim De Rycker had a moment of negligence. "There was a series of 4 or 5 humps in the roadbook," De Rycker says in the medical room of the bivouac in Kasbah Yasmina. "It was nothing, but you had to keep your focus. On the first I lost control of my bike and on the third I went down."
The helicopter took De Rycker back to the bivouac. A visit to the hospital will tell if his swollen foot is broken.



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