Stage 7 - 04-23-2017

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Final Results

Race Report 7

Bikes Overall: Harite Gabari

'A gift for me, my country and the Morocco Desert Challenge'

Gabari "I never even dreamed of winning this race. On a national level I've won quite a few races, but not on the international level. When the organisation gave me race number 101, I considered it to be a beautiful tribute to the fact I am the only Moroccan competitor in the Morocco Desert Challenge. Winning this race is the best gift I could give me, my country and the rally.
As I was sick for two days, I never thought it was possible to win. It was so difficult to stay in the race. I thought about giving up, but I managed to hang on by sheer power of will. I have to thank the guys in the EAO-racing team for helping me and standing by my side the whole time. And they kept my bike in great shape.
The last two days me and Pedro Bianchi Prata were battling like maniacs. Pedro is a better pilot than me, but he had some problems in the beginning of the week and didn't have enough time to make up for them. Today, my only goal was to stay with him. I didn't take any chances."


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